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Wholesale export secondhand clothes

Nouratex export secondhand clothes guarantees used clothing of an excellent quality and also impeccable secondhand designer clothes for the exportmarket. Nouratex secondhand clothes can offering a complete secondhand wardrobe, including accessories, for women, men and children.

The product range includes various textiles of different brands. You can find at Nouratex used coats, shoes, pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts, socks, dresses, skirts, blouses, etc. Nouratex offers wholesale accessories, toys, cleaning rags, textile waste and recycled textile material.

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Nouratex offers three different export wholesale qualities of second hand clothing. Each quality includes quality fabrics and accessories, specifically for the various markets worldwide where Nouratex is active. The wholesale secondhand clothes are neatly packed in bales or plastic bags and shipped in containers or transported by trucks.


Europe & Eastern countries

Boutique quality
Superior quality brands
Actual fashion, from the latest fabrics
Includes winter and summer clothing

quality – No. 1

Summer clothes for Africa

Fashionable clothing
First choice for the African market
Well sorted, carefully examined
Specifically aimed at the African markets

quality – No. 2

Summer clothes for Africa

Clean summer clothes
Without cracks or faults
Only slightly used clothing
Specifically aimed at the African markets